4 Genius Smartphone Camera Hacks

Getting a photo with a smartphone that looks like it is taken with a professional camera isn’t easy. But even for newbies to mobile photography, the advancements in technology have made it a lot easier. Following are the few genius smartphone camera hacks that can help you take photos that are a lot different from the usual ones.

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Use a Time Laps App:

Looking back at the past photos, you may feel you were never present there at that time. You must be the one taking the photos of your family and friends. But you can now make your presence possible in the photos that you take with the help of a Time Laps App. This app takes full resolution photos after an interval. With the time laps app, you will not need to reset the shot every few seconds as it will do everything by itself.

Portrait mode:

The biggest problem with the smartphone captured images is that everything is placed in focus at once whereas the professional photographers know where to pull the eye to one particular shot in an image. The Portrait Mode on the iPhone is great if you want the background blurred out. Another option is to turn the camera upside down and set it on the ground. This app blurs the foreground and focuses on a certain point in an image.

The Hyperlapse App:

The Hyperlapse app is great for stabilizing shaky videos or even for the footage that has already been shot.

The Lightroom App:

For getting a billboard-worthy image, you can try out the Lightroom app that is available both for the iPhone and Android. You can use the gradient filters, bring out the whites of a person’s eyes and can also bring the saturation up for certain colors.

Via: USA Today

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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