3 Things to do to be happier and productive in 2018

Humans can operate at their best is a kind of fundamental misunderstanding and most of us assume that we are meant to run like computers. We think that if we concentrate, we can continuously work for longer periods of time and can run multiple programs simultaneously. But that is just not true, as humans are designed to be best when moving rhythmically between spending energy and renewing it.

In order to brighten your day and make it more productive, you need to adapt strategies that can help you reach your goals. Following are the three key techniques to adopt:

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Network intelligence:

When we talk about networking, the first thing that pops up in our mind is it is just about meeting new people and making connections. But that is not true; networking is about enjoying other people, communicating passions, and connecting with others in order to share those passions. Without any desire for personal gain, networking urges people to listen, figure out what others need and connecting with people whom you think you can help. The organizations should create a culture where employees can connect with one another and external contacts. Contacts are the best source to providing information that may not be found on the internet. Network intelligence is about acquiring great information from people that can give a significant greater advantage. For greater interaction, you need to look beyond your already network area.

Create value that lasts:

Generating value is one of the most misunderstood tools when it comes to networking but it is the most important one. Winning the attention of others is something that can help you to attain long-term success. you cannot get a promotion when your work goes unnoticed, you cannot lead effectively if your colleagues do not listen to you etc. attention is the most valuable currency that you can get but it is also the hardest one. You need to provide greater value in order to attain greater attention which will yield greater return and an enlarged network.

Take breaks often:

When people work longer hours, they tend to get muscle strains. According to researchers, when people take breaks like a short walk or talk to people for few minutes, they remain happier and productive. These seemingly small breaks help to cut down on medical errors and even reduce staff turnovers. People feel happier and well rested when they take a walk outdoor as compared to staying indoors. Taking breaks detaching yourself completely from emails, texts, etc. because then you can ease the stress levels and stay happier.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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