5 rules for living a perfect life by Oprah Winfrey

Whether you are a CEO of a notable company or a street sweeper, success is perceived by everyone differently. For some, it is like living a life of truth, love, and integrity. You are inspired by people with their triumphs to proceed with the struggles of your own journey. Oprah Winfrey is one such person who has always been transparent about her journey towards success.

She has struggled with her weight issues and was further challenged with depression because of her thyroid issues. She didn’t lose hope even in the hardest times and remained focused on whatever she had instead of what she didn’t have at that time.

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Following are the few rules that helped Oprah Winfrey to live her life to the fullest:

1. Find a balance in life:

According to Oprah, the entire philosophy of life depends on one thing i.e. you can eat everything but you just can’t eat at the same time. In life, you can have it all but you just cannot have it all at the same time.

2. Follow your own beauty standards:

Living your life for standards of other people is not going to give you happiness. Oprah stresses that wanting to fit yourself the way other people want you is a mistake.

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Live your best life the way you want to and make effort to become what your heart desires.

3. Transcendental meditation:

Oprah believes in transcendental meditation which is the best way to distract you from thoughts and promote state of relaxed awareness. She discovered this meditation when she was preparing for her program’s episode. She says that this is a healthy dose of quiet time she gives to herself. She practices it twenty minutes in the morning and evening which gives her all the peace of mind.

4. Be grateful:

The first thoughts that hit Oprah’s mind in the morning are of thanking God for being alive. She never sets alarm to get up in the morning. Instead she thinks of the time she wants to get up and the natural clock wakes her up at the same time. She believes that being alive every day is the biggest blessing which everyone should be thankful for.

5. Living in the moment:

For Oprah, the secret to success and happiness is to live in the moment. She stresses on reminding yourself that the moment you are living in is the only moment you need to enjoy and let go of other things. Because the present moment will not return therefore enjoy and live it to the fullest.

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