3 proven techniques to overcome procrastination and self-doubt

Not only do drugs and smoking kill, but procrastination is also a killer too. When it comes to taking physical action on your plans, you often start experiencing paralyzing self-doubt and fear. Loaded with distractions, it turns into procrastination and creates a false illusion that you are achieving your goals and gradually it decreases your confidence too. In reality, no matter how many hours you are spending working, you achieve nothing.

The cycle of procrastination and self-doubt becomes a habitual downward spiral where you can go for months without making any progress toward your goals. With the ongoing process, you give up on the goals altogether and leave the hopes and dreams that you have associated with those goals. But if you adopt the following techniques, it will help you overcome both self-doubt and procrastination:

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1- Be aware of your mind and body:

Anything that you want to achieve in life first begins in your mind. But there is also another component that is just as important to have control over and that is your body. Your mind is filled with numerous ideas that you gather during the entire day but if your body is not physically activated to accurately turn those ideas into reality, you fail to accomplish anything and that is a big worry in a long run. Therefore it is really very important to become aware of your mind and body. If you do not have self-awareness, you cannot overcome self-doubt and procrastination to move forward in life.

2- Be truly honest with yourself:

In order to overcome procrastination and self-doubt, the most important thing is to become brutally honest with your own self. Write every thought, emotion, action, and behavior of your own self in order to know what you are actually doing. It will help you to realize what you should be focusing more on and make improvements to reach your goals quickly.

3- Establish a third-party accountability structure:

Once you become confident of your mind and body connection as well as develop true honesty with yourself, you must develop a third-party accountability structure with a person whom you trust. You can also make a little investment in this regard by taking the help and following an advice of a professional accountability coach who will specifically focus on helping you stay accountable.

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