Procrastination reduces productivity. Here are 5 ways to overcome it

Most of the people fall into the trap of procrastination. According to the researchers, almost 95% of the people procrastinate to some extent because it is often confused with laziness. But in reality being lazy and procrastination are different from each other. Laziness is something when you feel inactive and unwilling to act. But procrastination is an active process which makes you chose to do something over a task that is the most important. It makes you ignore an unpleasant but likely more important task in favour of something you enjoy more.

But the results of procrastination bring a guilty feeling and reduce your productivity to a larger extent. It can even lead to depression and you can lose your job when it gets out of your control. Fortunately, procrastination can be overcome. Following are the few steps to deal with it in an effective manner:

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Get achievable goals:

For getting your things done, you need to set measurable goals. Setting goals should not always be about making money; they should have an objective to work towards. Set clear goals and write them and make plans to accomplish them. When you have the importance of completing your goals, you will not get slipped into the trap of procrastination.

Break into smaller goals:

Once you set long-term goals, you feel like losing motivation all along. In order to avoid it, set smaller goals in order to reach your long-term goals. Write down you every achievement and celebrate it. It will keep you happy and you will stay motivated throughout your journey not allowing yourself to procrastinate.

Limit your time:

When you are given a time limit for a task, your brain pushes you to work faster ignoring all the distractions around. Therefore, set a deadline for every task you want to accomplish and you will see you will get your work done more effectively.

Do the unpleasant task first:

You can get trapped into procrastination especially when the task ahead is not of your interest. According to Mark Twain if you eat the frog first thing in the morning, nothing worse you can experience for the rest of your day. Therefore, instead of hiding from an unpleasant task, start doing it and before you will complete it without running your entire day.

Ask for an encouragement:

Sometimes, it is not possible to overcome procrastination on your own for some people. For this purpose, ask for some words of encouragement by a friend, tell them that about the tasks you don’t want to perform. You will get some advice and motivation from someone you trust and that will give you a big dose of encouragement to move forward.

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