3 Behaviors of healthy perfectionists

Being a perfectionist raises feelings of the struggles in order to meet expectations of people around us. It builds up a negative image that doubts the competence making a person overly anxious. But the perfectionist traits can be turned into our advantage that can contribute to increasing the self-esteem, positive social interactions, and overall happiness.

Following are the ways that can be done to turn into a healthy perfectionist:

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Outsource disappointments:

Healthy perfectionists don’t get panicked when something does not go as planned. They take responsibility where it’s due. They look for things that are happening outside their control. In order to get the idea of the whole situation, they look for external attributes. They move on with whatever has happened and do not stress over things that are not in their control.

They know the difference between aspirational and successful:

Healthy perfectionists actually are aware of the fact that ideals are not meant to be achieved. They do not mistake aspirational for successful and believe that having an ideal means is to begin with the ambition.

They monogram their success:

Success becomes personal for healthy perfectionists. They ask for the best version of a situation in order to get to a particular point in life.

Via: Business Insider

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