5 technical skills that will lead to a high-paying job

Check out the top 5 most in-demand hard skills that pay well as listed by CNBC:

5) Java

The average software engineer makes $168,000.

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4) Structural Query Language (SQL)

According to Glassdoor, data scientists have the best jobs in the country and earn around $110,000.

3) Bilingualism

It is an ability to speak more than one language. This skill is highly in demand worldwide.

2) Pediatrics

The unemployment rate for pediatricians is 0.6 percent, and the median salary is $184,240.

1) Quality Assurance (QA)

At the top of Monster’s list of the most wanted hard skills for college graduates is the quality assurance (QA). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, quality control skill makes an average of $36,780.

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