You are as big as you challenge yourself – Hisham Sarwar

Sometimes, life has a cruel way of testing us. We get stuck in difficult circumstances and surrounded by the people who put us down. The continuous course of bad events effects us mentally. The first and foremost key to break the traditional mental barriers is to strengthen the mind.
People do not take a risk in thinking big, in building a business or life relationships because of fear and it makes one weak and stay uncomfortably content with their current state.

80% of success is psychology – Tony Robbins

It is the presence of fear that does not encourage us to think out of the box and act for change, a chance to reshape our life for a better and prosperous future. Generally, we are so afraid of people voicing their opinion and being judgmental that every new thought process just stays inside our head and does not become a practical reality.

If you can co-relate to where I am going to, read on…

We have ‘fear’ installed in us as our primary response/defence line by default. But, letting go of fear is the only way we can live a true life, chase our dreams and eventually become successful in our life.

Sounds bookish, how do we do that?

The amazing life story we hear every day about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and my all-time favourite Jack Ma tells us that ‘impossible is nothing’ and only if we step up to break our mental barriers and act on doing something, we can improve and become successful.

Those who have tasted success, made money have always been the one who stepped up to the challenge and worked. It is not necessary to work your ass off, work smart is the new silver lining which could make one go places and become successful.

About Me:

Hi, My name is Hisham Sarwar and I am Co-Founder of Being Guru. I am a Freelancer who started with a single computer 20 years back, a broken chair and a very weak internet connection but with the aim to reach high and become boss of my own, today, I own a medium-sized company and run three successful Silicon valley backed startups.

I am also the first Asian who has been rewarded with a testimonial space on website home page, one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace and those who do freelancing know how hard it is to get featured with your website address on a freelancer website homepage.

I started this blog post by saying ‘ life has a cruel way of testing us’ and I have experienced that a hard way. When I and my co-founder talked about starting a Motivation, Technology blog – we got all the best possible flag from people around us voicing their opinion such as ‘Why would someone see your work, there are so many other blogs and pages out there with cemented place for decades’ and the list goes on and on.
I always had this clear understanding of myth in my mind even before I started doing freelancing decade back.

Don’t just think, get off your bed and act now.

It is better to fail after trying rather feeling sorry ‘only if I had done it’. On a personal note, give me a thousand lives, I will still try and do what I think feels right and I will try with all my heart out. Bottom line is, “I will do it.

Yes, I have lost more money and time in other startups than most of the people who have not even got started but, those experiences have taught me invaluable life lessons and eventually improved me as a better individual who could bring a change not only in his life but also others.

Do you know why do we feel sorry about work, relationships in our life?.

It is because we just don’t get started and have the courage to act. Action speaks louder than words, if something feels good, break your mental barriers and go for it with all your energies and best efforts.

It’s okay you may lose but at least you won’t repent on your death bed asking yourself a very important question “I did not live my life to the fullest”

Remember, you are as big as you challenge yourself.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)