Pakistan is Love, My Interview with Turkish Biker Blent Esin.

Vists Pakistan after 25 years.

A country that has 4 of the world’s top peaks in the world, largest irrigation system on globe, highest paved international road in the world is surely the best tourist sight and should be explored.

A Turkish/German Tourist Blent Esin, came back to Pakistan just to see these beautiful sights and has fallen in love with the country, its people.

I came to know about Blent’s entry in Pakistan 3 weeks ago, after trying to get his contact information, I finally met him in Murree. Here are the 4 videos I recorded which will make you proud as Pakistani. I learned few Turkish words and taught him some Urdu words as well.

Blent traveled from Turkey to Pakistan. He started his journey a month back. He went to Iran first and then entered Pakistan through Baluchistan, Sindh and then came to Punjab and wants to see Naran/Kaghan and Saiful Malook.

Blent talks about why he came back to Pakistan after 25 years, yes 25 years of wait and he says it was worth it as all these years he has been thinking about going back to the country he spent the best time of his life. He first came to Pakistan on his 10 marriage anniversary with his wife.

Blent talks about Pakistani people, he says; they are beautiful, hospitable and very kind. He made some good friends in his last tour to Pakistan 25 years ago.

Blent’s beautiful message to the world about Pakistan. He says this is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It is safe and secure and people most come to Pakistan to see with their own eyes and know the truth.

In a offline video discussion, he said he was not 1% afraid of coming back to the country though Pakistan in last decade or so has been in mist of all the crisis.

“Bad things happen everywhere, InshAllah it is about time things will change for Pakistan and it will become the most peaceful country in the world”.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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