Babar Zahoor, high hopes, big dreams.


An IT professional and an open source Evangelist, Babar Zahoor, has been working in the IT industry for the past 16 years. This emerging social entrepreneur wants to bring a social change in the society by using the Open Source Technology and to provide equal access of innovative technology to everyone.

His Work:

Babar Zahoor has been working as the International Technical Support Officer, ICT for Asia Region with Oxfam Novib. His fields of expertise includes areas of IT Project Management, IT Infrastructure Planning/Designing/Implementation, Business Continuity Planning, ICT Policy, SOPs Writing and System Administration.

Besides Pakistan, he is working on IT projects in various Asian states such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, etc.

His Belief in the Country’s strengths and abilities:

He believes that Pakistan has the ability to become self-sufficient in the technology sector. The growing IT sector has the power to develop, streamline, and shape the local resources and knowledge to create tangible and sustainable commodities under its own brand name.

He focuses on the abilities of young entrepreneurs who can develop technical products that are low-cost and are more adaptive to the international software. These can be delivered to the local demands of public and private sector instead on spending on highly expensive foreign commodities.

His Dream: 

Babar Zahoor had a dream of making Pakistan a hub of Open Source Technologies in Asia. For him, Open Source Software is the future of information technology. He firmly believes that Open Sources Technologies in Pakistan can help to reduce the costs and create local human resources to meet the demands of national and international market. The savings can be further allocated for health and educational projects in Pakistan.

He is working with his motivated team of IT experts, academicians, researchers, and innovators on his platform of Open Source Foundation of Pakistan (OSFP) to actively engage the youth for achieving the ambitious goals for bringing a better change in the society.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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