15 Fastest Growing Freelance Skills

Here is a look at payouts for these fastest growing skills online

The rapid advances in computer technology have enthused human labor’s undiscovered abilities. The labor market is finally accepting freelancing as the best means of employment. A freelancer’s freedom, flexibility, opportunity, and other benefits are the reasons that people are increasingly opting for this profession.

If you have finally decided to become a freelancer, then the following are the few fastest-growing freelance skills that can help.

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English Proofreading:

It is an easy job for beginners. Becoming a proofreader only requires simple checking for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors in transcriptions and copies.

Average Salary: $ 47,663

SEO/Content Writing:

This is an increasingly demanded skill in the web world. SEO and content writers help various brands and websites grow their audience and make them visible on online platforms. If you have a command over the language, you can do great with your skill.

Average Salary: $50,951

Virtual Assistant:

Business and startup owners are now hiring virtual assistants for performing their daily tasks. The work revolves around managing files, emails, etc., and arranging for meetings. It does not require physical presence and can be performed from a remote location.

Average Salary: $39,183

Social Media Marketing:

In this digital age, no one denies the importance of social media networks. It is the best way for businesses and brands to advertise their products. They always remain in search of individuals who can put forward a strong social media campaign for them.

Average salary: $46,402

WordPress Development:

WordPress development is a good skill to choose from, you just need to build and develop plugins for a blog. This is increasingly demanded nowadays and people who are looking to get a new website done or revamp their existing one prefer Word press over other off-the-shelf open-source languages.

Average salary: $74,205

Angular JS Development:

The demand for this skill is highly expected to rise in the coming days. You can build up mobile apps and desktop web applications if you get a better understanding of them before starting with your work. It is also a high-paying job.

Average Salary:  $102,000


The importance of accounting cannot be denied in the real world and on the digital platform it has an equally important place. It is an in-demand skill at all times because tax code and deduction are information that always needs to be understood.

Average Salary: $65,940

Android, iOS Development:

With smartphones becoming a necessity of today, the Android operating system is nowhere near to becoming obsolete and so is iOS. People will always demand apps for running their smart devices.

Average Salary: $104,562

Data Visualization:

Another important skill that requires that involves huge amounts of data. This is a great way to make people understand the information in the form of visual content.

Average Salary: $30,000

3D Design:

Freelance designers are in most demand these days. With 3D printing, their job is going to become interesting more than you can imagine. It is going to be the most popular skill in the approaching days.

Average Salary: $50,647

Video Editing:

Video editing involves the identification of errors, adding up audio or graphics, and making a complete sense of the whole story. More people are getting attracted to developing video content for their brands and businesses so they require video editors to be on their side all the time. This is a growing field and acquiring this skill will not leave you empty-handed ever.

Average Salary: $61,750

Data Mining:

Data Mining helps scientists to analyze large amounts of data in order to get an understanding of existing and upcoming trends.

Average Salary: $59,021

Lead Generation:

Your creative ability can help you a lot with this skill. Lead generators basically help to create new leads for businesses through social media and email.

Average Salary: $23,890

Voice Talent:

Voiceover is a talent that has been in existence for ages. With digital innovations, it has become more promising. It involves telephony, audiobook reading, e-learning, etc. which can be easily done by voice actors.

Average Salary: $40,000


With 3D printing on the roll, this skill can help you easily stimulate 2D and 3D designs. It is another popular skill to adopt.

Average Salary:  $49,215

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