10th anniversary, Apple’s new phone could be the most expensive

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Latest models of iPhone’s have always been franticly expensive. It’s always hard to pull the trigger and buy the latest version of an iPhone. It’s very common among iPhone lovers to open up the Apple Store app, load their shopping cart with the latest model, and then, at last minute- bail out.

But if you wish to buy the upcoming iPhone’s model you need to be clumsier. For your next up gradation of iPhone, you need to reset your motions because it’s the 10th anniversary’s model. According to Fast company, it is a model that is likely to cost upwards of $1000.

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The blazing price of the device is due to the addition of a new edgeless OLED screen. This is the first time Apple is using such screens for its iPhones. It is expected to be 5.8-inch model with better memory and larger battery. If the phone came up to all the expectations of the analysts, it is considered to be priced even higher than the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus which is $969 unlocked before the taxes applied.

The company is on the run for buying a large number of OLED display screens from suppliers such as Samsung. The upcoming model is expected to lose the home button instead a touchable button will be hiding under the screen. The new versions will also be giving up its volume buttons on the side for touch panels.

Apple is expected to launch three of the iPhone models this fall which will include the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 and two LCD screen-variants in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes. These devices will surely be priced lower than this year’s flagship devices. The new iPhone’s model will provide features worth its high price. Users will be amazed with a curved screen that spills over to the sides pretty similar to the one seen in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. Although the OLED screens manufacturing price is much high but in return you get better contrast, brightness along with a reduced power consumption.

If you are not one of those crazy Apple lovers but still want a curved OLED screen, than you better wait for the Samsung’s Galaxy S8. It is expected to be launching its device this year with similar displays. Apple is expected to be launching its device on its annual event in September.

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