10 Tech predictions Bill Gates made in 1999 that came true now

Bill Gates’ book in 1999 “Business @ the Speed of Thought” shed light on how technology will change and shape humans in the future. He was deadly accurate and some of the predictions were shocking. So much for the wisdom and vision to see the future, no wonder why he is who he is now.

Markus Kirjonen, a business student, has revealed that many of these predictions have in fact come true.

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“Online communities will not be influenced by your location, but rather, your interest.” We see in 2017, people use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and talk about common interest and connect with like minded people.



“Devices will have smart advertising. They will know your purchasing trends, and will display advertisements that are tailored toward your preferences.” Today, almost all internet websites, blogs, stores are able to collect data and share information to the users based on their choices and interests.



“Personal companions” will be developed. They will connect and sync all your devices in a smart way, whether they are at home or in the office, and allow them to exchange data. The device will check your email or notifications, and present the information that you need. Today, we have IOT and many tech companies have developed personal assistants. Our smart phones have SIRI, OK Google.



“People will carry around small devices that allow them to constantly stay in touch and do electronic business from wherever they are. They will be able to check the news, see flights they have booked, get information from financial markets, and do just about anything else on these devices.”. Today, we have range of different smartphones by different companies offering this.



Constant video feeds of your house will become common, which inform you when somebody visits while you are not home.” Today, out homes have video cameras connected with our smartphones to see 24/7 live feed.



“Private websites for your friends and family will be common, allowing you to chat and plan for events.”. Today we have social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Snapchat and Instagram and ofcourse WhatsApp.



“People will pay their bills, take care of their finances, and communicate with their doctors over the internet.”. Today, we use online e-commerce systems and pay our bills using internet banking.



Similarly, people looking for work will be able to find employment opportunities online by declaring their interest, needs, and specialized skills.”. Today, Linkedin is exactly serving this purpose and helping people find the jobs of their interest.



“Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making it effortless to find the cheapest product for all industries.”. Today, Google and many price comparison websites are doing that for us by comparing prices of the products.



“Television broadcast will include links to relevant websites and content that complement what you are watching.”. Today, QR is used by all major sites to adverts link to a website or companies.


The Article originally appeared on ITP

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