7 Reasons Why Espresso Needs to Be a Part of Your Life

Why Espresso is a Part of Life

7 Reasons Why Espresso Needs to Be a Part of Your Life

Everyone craves for a hot steaming cup of coffee in the morning to give a kick-start to the day. Well, coffee has its own list of benefits for a healthy lifestyle and if you are a fan of espresso, life can’t get better than that! Espresso has great advantages and boosts up the lifestyle of those who drink it on daily basis. So, if you are a coffee fan and thinking to try espresso, here are seven reasons which will surely convince you to add Espresso to your life!

1. Augments Long-Term Memory

How espresso assists in boosting memory retention are validated through a popular study carried out by Daniel Borota with a few of his fellow men, in which they found that taking espresso twice improved memory consolidation in their subjects which in turn let those subjects to retain more things during the tests that were done. The secret to this observation was the appropriate amount of caffeine taken through two espressos which can help anyone enhance their memory in the long run.

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2. Enhances Overall Bodily Performance

Espresso keeps you completely energized as it works essentially on the nervous system adding to more muscle contraction which further results in releasing more adrenaline. This process assists you in being more active at work or even increasing the physical ability of a person helping them give their best into things.

Coffee Improves Your Life

3. Ideal for Your Liver

Espresso works best for your liver since it decreases the chances of people having liver cancer. When you take espresso twice or thrice a day, it keeps inflammation as well as liver issues like liver fibrosis, cirrhosis at bay. Studies have even resulted in the findings of how drinking espresso decreased a 20% possibility of people having liver cirrhosis.

4. Assists in Losing Weight

Espresso lets you lose weight by enhancing your workout performance and helping you burn more calories to eventually become slimmer as well as a fitter. It actually decreases muscle pain and assists you to work more vigorously during an exercise routine. How does it work? Well, drink a cup of espresso about an hour before your exercise time and see the results yourself!

Coffee Good for Health

5. Boosts Your Digestive System

Espresso is great at improving the bowel movements and works amazingly if you are experiencing constipation or even bloating. If you drink espresso after having dinner, there is a chance that it will improve your overall digestion. This habit is actually what Italians follow by having a double espresso subsequent to their heavy dinner. According to them, espresso enhances digestion and it’s more of a myth that it can prevent you from having a good sleep at night.

6. Prevents Diabetes

Many researchers from distinct perspectives at Harvard University have noted that if a person’s coffee consumption is more, it prevents them from the possibility of having Type 2 diabetes. Taking coffee, be it espresso or not, makes people become more energized and vigorous also pertaining to other advantages and this way there is a lesser chance of them to have diabetes.

Coffee Prevents Diabetes

7. Helps in Concentration

For those who need a cup of espresso right from the time they wake up, it is not a surprising thing that coffee assists in concentrating and enhancing focus. It lowers down fatigue letting people concentrate highly and thinking from a different perspective this doesn’t happen on just a single person but because of a neurochemical reaction that works for everyone. Since coffee has an increased dopamine presence in it; this affects the focusing part of the brain and assists in making people attentive. Also, try to consume espresso in a balanced way because it can have a jittery effect if taken in a large proportion.

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Thus, these are some of the idyllic benefits of espresso which helps people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst the increasing work stresses and other problems. When you begin your day with a cup of espresso, you will observe that you will experience more activeness and refreshing mind!So, add espresso to your daily life and be happier!

Written by Ozair Akhtar

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