Zoom In-Out feature introduced for Videos by Google Photos

The main focus of Google Photos is to enhance the user experience of the users for photos and videos. Google photos are working on different updates using the latest technologies and techniques of Computer Vision and Image processing.

Google Photos introduces a new zoom in-out feature – pinch-to-zoom videos.

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By double-tapping the playing video you can zoom in.

Watch the video:

Google has evolved the video features like slow-motion videos and applied filters to videos. but there was no such feature available for the users to zoom the playing video. Now, users can pinch to zoom as well as double-tap.

Users can view and trace specific areas in the video while using the pinch-to-zoom feature. Double Tap will zoom the video according to a predefined value, and double-tap again will shift it to the normal screen.

This feature is in the Beta phase and only a handful number of users can use it right now.

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