YouTube’s new tools to strengthen communities

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It is now easy for creators to build a community and grab the attention of their audience with the help of YouTube’s improved features for the comments section. “Pinning” comments to the top of a thread is now possible which creators can effectively use to highlight comments they consider intuitive or funny.

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Just like Twitter, YouTube supports only a single message at one time. Now by hearting, creators can show their appreciation to the rest of the commenters. It is now clearer to see the person commenting. These new features have placed owner’s username under the text, highlighted with different colors so viewers can actually know the person who wrote it. A checkmark will appear for the verified owner.

This is another step taken by YouTube to enhance the working of the comments section, which was a complete mess in the past.

YouTube introduced “moderators” earlier this year, which enabled channel owners to erase the task of comment moderation to other trusted community members. It is also possible now for the creators to exclude the odd phrases and words. Soon, the ability for channel owners to hide inappropriate comments for review will also be available.

This opt-in feature identifies any bad comments and restrains them from appearing under videos. This gives an option to the owners to approve, hide, or report the comments they do not like. Although it is not a very big change that has appeared for the comments section but YouTube is in the right direction for making the platform safer for its audience.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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