YouTube’s Latest Feature Lets Music Partners Take Down AI Deepfakes

YouTube's Latest Feature Lets Music Partners Take Down AI Deepfakes

YouTube has introduced new regulations regarding AI-generated content on its platform, coupled with plans to enable music partners to seek removals of deepfake material.

According to a blog post by the company, music partners will now have the capability to request the removal of AI-generated music content imitating an artist’s distinctive singing or rapping style.

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“When assessing removal requests, factors such as whether the content is the subject of news reporting, analysis, or critique of the synthetic vocals will be taken into consideration,” the article stated.

Currently, this removal request option is limited to “labels or distributors representing artists involved in YouTube’s early AI music experiments.” However, it is set to expand to additional companies in the upcoming months.

In addition to this, YouTube will soon mandate creators to disclose whether their videos contain “altered or synthetic content that is realistic, including the use of AI tools.” Violations may lead to penalties ranging from video removals to suspension from YouTube’s partner program for non-compliance.

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