Google Launches “Notes” To Add User Comments In Search Results

Google Launches Notes To Add User Comments In Search Results

Google has uncovered another initiative called Notes, empowering users to access and impart tips related to search results.

Notes are introduced through Google’s Search Labs, a platform providing early previews of experimental features for users to test functionalities that are not yet widely available.

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Google has previously introduced various search experiments via Labs, including its conversational AI assistant, Bard.

How Notes Works

Users who choose to participate in Google’s Search Labs will notice a “Notes” button beneath specific search results and Discover articles within the Google app.Google Notes

Pressing the button will display notes left by other users about that page.

You can also generate your notes to “share your expertise with the world,” stated Brad Kellett, Senior Director of Engineering for Google Search.

Notes can encompass various elements such as text, photos, stickers, and other customizable features. In the near future, Google plans to integrate AI-generated images into notes.

Offering Pertinent Tips

“Notes are crafted to complement existing web content, introducing a fresh layer of human insights to your search results.”

Kellett cited examples of how Notes could benefit users, such as discovering local recommendations on articles about new cities or adjusting recipe spice levels based on the experiences of other users.

“With this new Labs experiment, we aim to provide access to useful tips about an article or topic from both experts and everyday individuals,” he emphasized. “This not only assists you in honing in on the most relevant information but also allows you to glean insights from others who have encountered similar situations.

Prioritizing Safety and Quality

Google underscores the utmost importance of content safety and quality. Similar to standard Search results, Notes will incorporate safeguards and human content moderation. The feature will remain in an experimental beta testing phase “to test and learn what works best for users before bringing these capabilities to a broader audience on Search,” as stated by the company.

Addressing Concerns of Site Owners

In response to site owner concerns, Google assures, “In the months ahead, we will actively explore ways to provide site owners with insights into notes on their content. Recognizing the significance of this need for websites, we are dedicated to collaborating with them to determine the most beneficial tools and insights.


As of today, Notes can be accessed in English within the U.S. Additionally, it is available in both English and Hindi in India, accessible through the Google Search Labs option on both Android and iOS platforms.

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