YouTube Rolls Out 1080P Premium Quality for Desktop Viewers


In our modern daily routines, the consumption of high-definition and even 4K videos has become increasingly prevalent. The positive development is that YouTube fully accommodates various screen resolutions and internet speeds to cater to user preferences and needs.

YouTube has introduced a noteworthy enhancement by offering Premium 1080p video quality to its audience, and some users are already reaping its benefits. 

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The Development of “1080p Premium” Since Its Evolution

A significant milestone was reached in January of this year when “1080p Premium” was initially introduced. This introduction took place on iOS devices, making it an iOS-exclusive feature. It’s important to highlight that this new tier is exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The innovation lies not in changing the resolution but in enhancing the bitrate of many YouTube videos, resulting in a crisper, more detailed, and overall higher-quality visual experience.

Building upon this success, YouTube has expanded its reach by making the 1080p Premium offering accessible to desktop web users.

Accessibility and Notifications

Reports indicate that the improved 1080p tier is set to appear on the YouTube web platform, irrespective of whether users are subscribed to Premium. However, attempting to access the enhanced quality without a paid subscription triggers a notification informing users that upgrading to Premium is required for the higher quality stream.

Furthermore, a notable expansion in accessibility has taken place, extending the 1080p Premium option to certain television sets. This extension encompasses non-Android Chromecasts and Google’s array of gaming consoles.

A Significant Milestone: Expanding Beyond iOS

Notably, this marks the first instance in history where YouTube has made its 1080p Premium quality available on platforms other than iOS. While some Android users were given access to higher bitrate streaming a few months back, this feature was not widely adopted.

With this latest move, the landscape is changing, and anticipation is high regarding the unfolding developments. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time for users who value enhanced video quality.

How to Access 1080p Premium Quality

Accessing the 1080p Premium Quality feature on YouTube is a straightforward process that adds a new layer of convenience for viewers. To enjoy this elevated viewing experience, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open YouTube: Launch the YouTube application on your desktop browser.
  2. Select Video: Choose the video you wish to watch in high quality.
  3. Quality Settings: Locate the settings icon (usually represented by a gear or three vertical dots) within the video player.
  4. Choose Quality: Click on the quality settings to reveal a list of available video quality options.
  5. Select 1080p Premium: Choose the “1080p Premium” option to enjoy the enhanced viewing experience.


In summary, the introduction of YouTube’s 1080p Premium Quality feature for desktop viewers ushers in a new standard of video quality, revolutionizing how users consume and interact with content. With enhanced visuals, seamless streaming, and an emphasis on empowering content creators, this upgrade showcases YouTube’s dedication to providing a superior video streaming experience.

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