YouTube brings changes to Mid-roll Ads – More money for YouTubers

YouTube monetization has taken a good step. Starting 27th July, content creators will be able to monetize their videos with Mid-Roll jumping over 8 minutes long. Previously, the Mid-Roll ad feature was available for videos crossing 10 minutes.

As part of this change, we will turn on mid-roll ads for all eligible videos. This means videos where you may have opted out of mid-roll ads will now be opted in. Videos that already have mid-roll ads will not be impacted. Future uploads from monetizing channels will also have mid-roll ads turned on by default.

By enabling auto mid-roll ads, this saves content creators extra work and also helps them in increasing the monetization potential for new and existing content.

YouTube uses machine learnings to find the most natural breaks for your videos. This is an automated process and helps in increasing monetization potential with a good user experience.

Here’s official YouTube email announcing the big change:

YouTube email about mid-roll-monetization