You need to have these ‘Two’ abilities if you want to become successful in life

consistency & persistence

All successful people were able to achieve their goals because they had two qualities. It is not necessary that you are born with these 2 characteristic traits, you can develop them by changing your mind. If we look at the success habits of people, we come to know that their habits change with time but the following two abilities help them go places in life.

  1. Come out of fear
  2. Make a decision in life

Break your fears:

No one has ever achieved anything in life if they can’t break their inner and outer fears. Fear holds back your progress in life. If you want to do something in life and when you pay heed to the outer voices telling you ‘it can’t be done‘ or ‘you can not do it‘, you will not be able to do it.

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Similarly, inner voices that inject fear into your mind and heart are the results of a series of incidents that took place when you were growing up. You were stopped from doing certain things and made afraid of dire consequences — causing fear in the subconscious.

If you want to put yourself on the path to success, the first thing you need to let go of is fear. Get over it before it continues to hurt and halt your progress further.

When we look at the life patron of successful people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Steve Jobs, we see that they were not afraid of bad results, poor consequences, and people’s opinions about their passion and dreams to achieve something in life.

Jack Ma says Fearless, Optimistic People Create The Brightest Future.

Breaking fear comes with a strong mind. If you have trained your mind to accept the challenge and attempt a task, your body follows the mind’s lead.

In a famous Harvard research called ‘Power Positions‘, it is explained how you can change your mind by bringing in physiological change in your body, and that eventually changes the biochemistry of the body resulting in a better feeling, coming out of fear, and most importantly resulting in mental strength.

Make good decisions:

Taking a good decision, at the right time and place is very important but you can only take a good decision if you have the ability to make a decision.

Good decisions are a result of having made some bad decisions in life and learning from those experiences. If you have the ability to choose, take a pick, and decide, you are in a position to take a lead.

Decision-making skill is probably the most important skill if you want to become successful in your personal and professional life. Warren Buffett is famous for making investments in the stock when he feels the time is right. A decision taken at the wrong time won’t yield good results so the timing is very important. This ability comes with practice. Sometimes you make bad decisions and they backfire but you have to understand, it’s a learning process.

Jack Ma, was rejected from many jobs and opportunities in the early part of his life but that did not stop him from making decisions. He decided to make an internet company and today he is the richest man in China because of one decision that changed his life.

We all know about the most popular decision of Bill Gates to drop out of college to create software and in the years to come, he was the world’s richest man for many years and no wonder why, he was able to break the barrier of fear and take a decision that changed his life.

How are you going to break your fear and make a good decision in your life?


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