You can Harness the power of intention by using these 7 methods

When you don’t have a defined purpose, you feel like drifting through life. But most people fail to understand the immensity of what is lost by this approach to life. Living a life of purpose transforms your life on so many levels and helps you live deliberately and not just sweeping along the tide. Most people describe the time before they learned to live with deliberate intent exactly similar to sleepwalking.

It is very important that you learn how to make your intentions come to reality if you want to live your life with a purpose. Following are the ways that can help you to harness the power of your intention:

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Have a firm belief:

In order to transform your intentions into a reality it is important that you affirm that you exist on purpose. You must understand that your purpose is not just to do anything; you have to become what you want to be. You have to be a symbol of love, happiness, and life among the people you live and be aware that your purpose is bigger than achieving simple goals.

Add value to humanity:

Your intentions must be based on benefitting yourself as much as you can but you have to create life that you love which requires you to add value to the humanity by loving others. You can set your powerful goals into actions once serve others graciously and it will bring lots of happiness to your own life.

Just align with the cosmic energies:

You need to understand that things that you need for success line up on the path for you, only you need to realize them. There is no gain in worrying for things that are not in your control, therefore, just trust and believe that the intentions that you have will transform into reality in one form or another.

Pay attention to positive affirmations:

Once you start thinking positive, you can do anything that you want in life. Therefore, write down your intentions and place them in a spot where you can see them every day. As you will do that, you will create a forward momentum towards the achievements of your goals.

Show gratitude:

Even if you don’t get excited about some things in life, still they make an important part of your life. Therefore, you should be grateful for their presence. Be thankful for your health,  family, home, food to eat etc. once you start being thankful, more good things will start to move your way.


Because of continuous thinking, your brain is always stressed with different things and makes you worry a lot. But you need to clear up your mind for giving intentions a better place to become clear to you. This requires you to breathe and meditation is the best way to do that.

Let go:

After everything, the most important thing is to let go of things that do not bring happiness to you. Believe that things work out as you give them time and don’t waste your energy why they didn’t work for you. Just take some rest, relax, and watch how the world unfolds before your eyes.

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