You become enlightened from within, here is what is missing badly

The common shared goal of all masters is enlightenment and the people with a higher level of understanding are referred to as enlightened. These people are believed to hold a certain amount of light and they have their consciousness raised to a higher level. This makes them capable of doing things others find difficult to perform. Some people regard meditation as a way to achieve enlightenment but in reality, it is the exposing of your mind to new ideas and channeled messages to allow the mind to function differently. Every person at birth is a truly enlightened being but as the age increases, the ego stops you from truly experiencing the intrinsic part of the nature.

But when on the basic level you connect to the divine source of everything and trust in life, you become enlightened from within. In this way, you live your life authentically and the living will become bliss. Following are the ways to become more enlightened:

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Become aware of your true identity:

The conditions of the society limit you from reaching your full potential. You sometimes change the way the society wants you to be but in doing so; you forget your own identity. Keep asking yourself who are you? And try to find the answer in the best way you can.

Become less attached to material comfort:

When you attach your happiness to the acquiring of things you like, you deprive yourself even of the smallest joyful moments that are your very own. Being attracted to the external comfort you get attached to luxury and counterfeits. It reduces your chances to be happy and gain enlightenment. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, tell yourself that you have needs but you are not just those needs. You are much more than your needs and desires.

Love Yourself:

When you love yourself, it leads you directly to loving the choices that you make for yourself. When you love yourself, you become aware of yourself are and it awakens you to become your own healer. Loving yourself is always the answer to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Be open to new beliefs:

For becoming more enlightened, you need to adopt the qualities of water. Water does not resist and flows in every where it can. Human body is made up of 70% of water therefore; it is beneficial to bring your own awareness similar to the qualities of water. Become open to new beliefs and new ideas and it will help you to become effortlessly graceful and boundless.

Create your own life:

When you dream, you develop the ability to choose what you dream. If your life is a story then you should be the author of it. Decide what you actually want the story to be about and what experiences you want to create.

Accept you cannot escape:

The most important thing that develops negativity in your mind is when you escape from your own self. You must realize that you cannot escape through the challenges of life. Just prepare yourself to face all the challenges bravely and this will make you more tolerant over the passage of time.

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