You are making these mistakes while communicating and should avoid them

In early years of your school life, most of you might have been taught how to communicate with others in a good way. Your teachers might have given you an advice on improving your communication skills but did they inform you how to work through arguments with people or how to be a good listener? If they did then obviously they did not do it through a formal curriculum.

But most of the teachers don’t teach the tools on how to improve your communication skills. You learn these through years of experience and can play a big role in making or breaking your character. This is the reason you might be making you are not aware of while communicating with others. This is the reason your professional or personal relationship can often lead to failures. Following are the mistakes you might be making while communicating and should be aware of them:

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Not focusing on the tone:

At any time and while communicating with any person, a tone is the most important element. But the tone is often ignored especially when in the middle of a challenge. For this purpose, before you speak take a pause and then breathe and for saying what you want to.

Avoiding conflict:

Difficult conversations are mostly avoided in order to save you from anger and frustration. But conflict becomes worse if it is avoided, therefore, it is important to make everything clear. When it becomes too difficult, provide an actionable feedback and you will see things settling for better.

Not speaking up:

Another important factor that makes communication a failure is holding back what is in your mind. Speak up for what you need and consider the needs of others as well. Get your requirements known with confidence and remain flexible while receiving them.

Do not react:

A good communication is the one in which you do not react to the opinions of others. Responding to situations make you consider all the facts with an open mind and reduce conflicts that can arise otherwise.

Talking bad about others:

When you talk bad about others, you ruin your own character. For being a good communicator it is important to pay attention to the positivity in yourself and other people. You may not be intending to be cruel to others but just considering their negative points more can have devastating consequences for you.

Not allowing others to speak:

This is the kind of mistake that shuns others to communicate with you. When you don’t allow other people to speak, it discourages them to tell you anything. Therefore, let other people speak their heart and listen to them. Listening will make you wiser and will provide you with more knowledge.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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