Yahoo is expected to confirm a huge data breach, hacker selling millions of users data

The name is ‘Peace‘ but it is a hackers name and it has already caused Yahoo a lot of severe headache, timely before the Verizon $4.8 billion deal. A hacking attempt has exposed and leaked millions of users data at Yahoo, say the sources close to the company. Yahoo is expected to issue a statement and confirm the hacking attempt.

But the sources are unable to specify to which magnitude this has affected. There will be most likely Government involvement for investigations, perhaps a legal action on cards as well.

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The announcement could have an impact on Yahoo $4.8 billion deal with Verizon. This could lead to the adjustment in the transaction.

This happened back in August when a hacker named moniker ‘Peace‘ accepted that he willingly sold the personal information regarding 200 million Yahoo account holders.

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Anyhow, do not wait for Yahoo’s announcement. Just change your password right now.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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