Working with annoying co-workers is the deadliest forms of stress

You can’t always choose the people you work with and they stay around you despite their lack of intelligence. These are the people who are extremely difficult to deal with because they are stubborn and are always wrong.

Stress is one of the statutory requirements of a workplace and an average worker is entitled to at least 97 insanely stressful days out of 200 or so working days. This stress is the majority of the time caused by the annoying people that you have to interact with on daily basis.

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A recent study has revealed that stupid people in the office are as hazardous to your health cigarettes, caffeine, or bad food. Because of such people, one can even suffer from heart attack and can eventually die.

The researchers at Sweden’s Lindbergh University, Medical Center has found that working with stupid people on daily basis is one of the deadliest forms of stress. Dr Dagmar Anderson, the author of the study, has explained that around 500 heart attack patients were taken into account for the study. It was surprisingly found that 62 per cent of the patients had relatively very few of the physical risks factors that could be the reason for the heart attack.

Upon questioning the patients about their lifestyle habits, the low risk patients revealed that they worked with people who were extremely unbearable for them in the office. They suffered from heart attack in less than 12 hours after having a major confrontation with one of those people.

One woman was rushed to the hospital after her assistant shredded the company’s important tax document instead of getting them photocopied. There was another man who collapsed right at his desk because a woman asked him for correction fluid for her computer monitor.

The author of the study Dr. Anderson suggests that other forms of harmful things can be removed as habits to improve your health. But there are some people who have extremely weak coping skills when it comes to dealing with stupidity. There is nothing they can do about it but due to their frustration, they finally explode. Also, a person’s workload can also increase because of stupid co-workers.

Stress is one of the things you need to avoid in order to have a healthy heart and to live a long life. The only way is to choose how to react to stressful events and situations because they will help you cross your path successfully.

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