Why Steve Jobs threw the first iPod prototype into the water

Every once in a while we come across some amazing un-told stories about Steve jobs that describe his perfection towards things. This particular story is one of my favourite anecdotes.

The story is originally posted on Quora by ex-Apple employee, Amit Chaudhary who explains how Steve Jobs got Apple Engineers to shrink the size of iPod that was originally presented in a board meeting.

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When Apple Engineers working on a iPod prototype completed their work, they presented the prototype to Steve Jobs for his approval. Jobs played with the device in his hands and rejected it after a while saying, it weights more and is huge in size.

Engineers tried to convince Jobs that they have spend a lot of time and have done lot of research for the creation of this prototype. They also told Jobs that it is impossible to create a smaller size version. Jobs heard the response quietly, stood up, walked to the corner of the room over to an aquarium and dropped the iPod into the tank. As the prototype touched the bottom, bubbles began to float up to the top.

Those are air bubbles, he snapped. That means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.

That was the point when Engineers got back to the work and started working on a smaller iPod version and rest we all know is ‘history’


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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