Why people who are always late are more successful

Good manners are something that you really feel proud of and these are the traits that are often associated with perfectionism. Out of these, punctuality is one important trait that demonstrates respect for others. But there are some people who seem incapable of being on time at any place. It is a frustrating characteristic for both people waiting as well as for the person arriving late. But a recent body of scientific work reveals that the traits that tend to make people late are similar traits that can help them live longer and to live more productive lives.

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According to researchers, people who are always late show that they have positive personality traits:

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You are optimistic:

If you have a habit of always being late, it shows that you are an optimist. It is because you have an attitude that keeps you calm when things are not good around you. Your optimistic behavior helps you take risks when others are dreading doing so. In a study by psychologist Jeff Conte of San Diego State University, it is noticed that people who are late, actually perceive time differently. They feel that time is passing more slowly than it actually is.

You can multi-task work:

Although experts have revealed that people who multi-task activities, are often not fully aware of what they are doing. But it has been proved that people who multi-task their work, are creative and bright. Their interest encourages them to try various things. It may make it hard for you to focus on one thing but it probably makes you smarter and more open-minded.

You find solutions:

If you always arrive late at a place then you are always focused on coming up with quick fixes. When you lose track of your time, you always find a quick way to get up and accommodate what other people in your team have already covered. You have the strength that can get you where you want to be despite you are late. It means stress might not cloud your thinking as it could if you had a Type A personality.

You are healthy:

People who are late typically feel less work stress, deadlines do not concern them much and they are usually more relaxed which leads to lower blood pressure, and a low risk of heart disease and stroke. This means, they are less likely to get depressed and can live longer.

This article originally appeared on the website INC

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