Science confirms the eye color and its relation to your personality

You may have heard that eyes are the windows to your soul. This is an old saying by William Shakespeare but now, it is being backed by science. The recent studies have shown that there could be a relation between your personality and the patterns of the iris. It was found that people with same eye color share same personality and behavioral type.

Researchers at Orebro University in Sweden conducted a study. The melanin that you have in your eyes determines the color of your eyes which means the darker the color of your eyes, the more melanin in them. If you want to check your personality according to the eye color, following is a little description:

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Dark Brown Eyes:

If you have color of the eyes that is so brown that it appears black, then you have the traits of a natural leader. It shows your mysterious and secretive personality. The recent studies have shown that people who have dark brown eyes are considered to be more agreeable.

Brown Eyes:

You are loyal, trustworthy, respectful, and even gentle if the color of your eyes is brown. But that does not mean that you are submissive in any way. Chronobiology International published a study that the brown eyes sleep two hours lesser as compared to people who have light colored eyes.

Blue Eyes:

People with blue eye color possess a strong personality, mentally and physically. But sometimes they are taken as shy, untrustworthy, and weaker as they actually are. It becomes really hard to determine their real personality. It has been revealed by the report in 2006 by a team of German psychologists that kids with blue eye color are less open-minded than others and are wary of anything new.

Grey Eyes:

Very rare people have grey eye color and it represents you personality different to everyone. Dark grey eyes show that you are a well-balanced person. The positives and negatives are all decided by your emotions and how you deal with the personality that you have. Light grey color of the eyes indicates that you are hard-working and handle people and relationships with a lot of care.

Hazel Eyes:

The hazel eye color is very uncommon and such people are very unique. According to The Eye Doctor Guide, People with hazel eye color are difficult to read and have a balanced personality which stops them from jumping to any extreme decisions or actions.

Green Eyes:

Green eye color individuals are mysterious and alluring. With a proportioned amount of melanin makes people with green eyes agreeable yet dominant, strong, and cautious.

Doctor Hamadi Kallel, an ophthalmologist surgeon doctor, states that people with green eye color are original, creative, and are good performers under pressure.

The article originally appeared on Dailypositiveinfo

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