7 ways to make your every morning more productive

Because of the quiet and calm time of the day, the morning hours are always magical. It is in fact that time of the day when thousands of articles and books get written all year. The concept of a morning routine might not be new to you and you may have somewhat of a morning routine for yourself. But finding a practical morning routine takes a lot of trial and error.

Following are the few easy ways that can help you make your mornings productive in your day to day lives:

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Starting with a healthy meal:

Many people consider it unimportance but starting your day with a healthy breakfast can get your brain and body get going on the right track. Do not eat processed food, instead, cook something in your own home and it will help you stay fit.


Everyone needs to do exercise in order to stay active. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise every morning and get your blood pumping. You can begin with ten minutes on the treadmill every day and then move on with harder exercises.

Make important communication:

You may have to make to make some important communication with your colleague or your employer; the best time is to do it first thing in the morning. It is because your mind is fresh at that time and you can communicate better with others.

Map out your morning tasks:

Morning time is short and passes very quickly so if you have a lot of tasks to do make a list of them and be sure what you have to do. See if you could do some things faster with help and it would be better to multi tasks those things which your brain does without thinking.

Make a plan:

A lot of time gets wasted when you don’t know what you have to do in a day. Therefore, plan your days and keep in mind the task that needs to be completed. Focus on the most important tasks in the initial part of the day because your energy levels are high at that time.

Work in a cool room:

You are more productive while working in a cool room. It is because the cool environment takes your mind and body out of a resting situation to work mode. Therefore, always prefer to work on tasks in rooms that are cooler than the rest.

Get a pregame routine:

You may have seen athletes doing that before starting every game. Do the same when you are doing your job whether it’s a quick bit of meditation in your car or playing with your pet before starting to work.

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