Why Grades do not matter much eventually


We live in the world where good grades are prerequisite of finding a good job. In this cut throat competition, the one who is brilliant in academics is tipped to get a dream job off his life. Students study hard, at times overdoing it and compromising on the importance of learning and seeking education.

We are stepping into a modern era where in the years to come, even IQ will be irrelevant. This is because technology would be so densely populated with knowledge base that all information will be available on fingertips.

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There is a mixed debate about the values of good grades in important education fields such as medicine, engineering but honestly speaking doing well in academia does not guarantee finding the job, leave alone finding your dream job.

Let’s look at few case studies.

The tech industry is full of geniuses who were a college dropout but successfully nurtured their dreams into reality. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jack Ma are just few perfect examples of average students who are industry leaders now and are shaping our daily lives.

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Our schools teach us what necessarily may not be a topic of our interest therefore not all students end up grabbing good grades. Jack Ma emphasizes on working on yourself and learn one important skill while you are still at school and young that may make you excel in your practical life. This perfectly make sense, learning one important skill which you are passionate about considering the industry trends, keeping future in mind could make you land into a dream career or start a successful business.

Grades have their place, they are an essential part of education but not necessarily everything one should thrive for. Instead, learning a skill and mastering it to the highest degree guarantees for a better future.

Take an example of online world. The debate of getting good marks over hands down knowledge of a particular skill wins in the favour of later. This is simply because if you do not have a practical knowledge, you just cannot get the job done.

Forget about getting highest grades, focus on learning a skill, seek knowledge, put it to use and you will find out sooner or later that you have laid a very important foundation in your life that is going to make you go places.

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This also stands true for the students who get their degree with flying colours. Eventually it is a skill and the education you have gained which matters in your practical life. Grades eventually are just the numbers.

Share this with someone who is struggling with grades, tell them learning a skill or two and getting education is more important than grades for their better future.

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