WhatsApp’s New Privacy Features: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup

WhatsApp Introduces Silence Unknown Callers Feature.

Two new features for WhatsApp have just been released, including the ability to block unknown callers and a privacy check-up feature!

We provided some details on a new privacy-checking feature in the article about the WhatsApp beta for the Android release.

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By using a mechanism that makes it easier to manage privacy preferences and guarantees users full control over their personal information and communication security, WhatsApp made it simpler for users to evaluate their privacy settings with this feature.

Instead, a feature that enables users to block unknown callers was made available by WhatsApp as part of the Android beta update. WhatsApp just shared a new post on its official website that reveals the ability to block unrecognized callers and a privacy inspection function!WhatsApp privacy feature

This snapshot shows that the privacy inspection function and the ability to stop unauthorized callers are now available. Since this is an official announcement, everyone using the most recent version of the app can now access these capabilities. As a result, users may now more easily lower their risk of being a victim of fraudsters and mute unauthorized calls by finding the option to do so under the privacy settings page.

By choosing the privacy checkup banner in the same section, it is also simple to evaluate privacy settings. With the help of this new tool, WhatsApp will allow users to set up their security settings so they can pick the legitimate level of assurance across the board area.

Users will be taken through numerous privacy layers intended to improve the security and privacy of their accounts by selecting ‘Start checkup’ from the Privacy settings screen.

WhatsApp emphasizes the value of protecting private communication and says they wish to promote secure check-ins between users via private WhatsApp conversations. This program plans to give individuals a protected and confidential space where they might communicate their thoughts, particularly to the people who mean quite a bit to them.

As we noted in the article about the WhatsApp beta for iOS update for the privacy checkup feature and the WhatsApp beta for iOS update for the ability to silence unknown callers, even though the attached screenshot was taken from WhatsApp for Android, these features have also been made available to users of iOS.

Subsequent to downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store and WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store, users will approach the capacity to obstruct unknown calls and the privacy checkup function. To test out these two new features right now, keep your app updated.

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