WhatsApp Developing Snapchat-like Video Messaging Feature

Two encrypted messaging services, WhatsApp and Telegram, make it simple to connect in almost any circumstance. Meta’s app lets you send messages to many people at once, take group polls, and exchange brief status updates. A recent beta version gives us our first look at a feature that lets you easily send 60-second video clips, somewhat like Snapchat.

Assuming you’ve been involving WhatsApp for quite a while, you realize that it takes many taps to share motion pictures from your exhibition. Shorter films can be distributed as brief stories to a small audience; However, if the recipient or group chat is the only audience for the content, this will not work. According to WABetaInfo, a short video messaging feature was in the process of being developed for the Android app’s version, Meta.

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The new feature is already available to a select few beta testers. When the microphone button next to the message box is tapped to record a voice message, the video camera icon appears. From that point onward, you can rapidly record a video for the beneficiary by tapping and holding the button. Yet again to return to voice message mode, you should simply press the camcorder button. WABetaInfo says that the video recording can only be recorded for 60 seconds.

This helps me to remember the first Snapchat, which promoted time-restricted Snaps for video information. Additionally, it could be argued that WhatsApp has suddenly caught up to Telegram, which has long offered a video messaging feature.

Even though Meta hasn’t released this feature yet, short, quick videos might be a good way to save time typing or sharing something when an image with a caption isn’t enough. WABetaInfo claims that, unlike pre-recorded clips, a video broadcasted in this manner can convey authenticity and immediacy.

WhatsApp places an emphasis on user privacy with video communications as it does with the majority of its other capabilities. Since they are encoded from start to finish, just the shipper and the expected beneficiary will actually want to see the substance. Additionally, neither you nor the recipient of your videos can send videos as view-only content.

The beta channel’s availability will rise in the coming weeks. I hope that a channel will soon be available.

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