5 WhatsApp upcoming features that may surprise you

WhatsApp, ever since acquired by Facebook is working constantly on introducing new features. Following are 5 new amazing features users should watch out for. Some of them are a need of an hour.

Dark Mode:

The Dark Mode inverts the colours to black screen in order to reduce strain on your eyes, especially after sunset and at night. It is already introduced by Twitter, Chrome, Messanger and YouTube and hopefully, WhatsApp will have this feature soon. The feature is already tested in one of the previous beta versions.

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Quick Edit Media:

It is reported that the WhatsApp is working on a Quick Edit Media feature which will allow a user to make changes to the media files they send or receive. It must be stated that this feature is different from the one that already exists in WhatsApp. The feature will let users edit the media in-chat and share directly with other users.

More Forwarded info:

In order to tackle fake news and misinformation on the platform, Last year, WhatsApp added a forwarded flag to the messages that were forwarded by users to their contact list. The company is now working on improving this feature a step further by adding another flag ‘frequently forwarded’ label.

QR code:

Each user will receive a unique QR code which can be shared with their contact list. Users will be able to easily add new contacts through QR codes.

Hide Mute Status:

Tired of someone on Facebook? Hide Mude status will let you save your energy and not spoil your mood. You can hide contact from your status feed instead of completely blocking them, They say, some people are cute when they are mute.

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