WhatsApp new feature lets you share status on Facebook

Snap chat started stories, Instagram copied it, WhatsApp got into the competition and then Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp and also introduced the stories on Facebook. The Stories let you post images, text and short videos on your profile that typically disappear after 24 hours.

It is reported that Facebook is testing a new feature on WhatsApp for Android users. The users on WhatsApp will be able to share their stories directly on Facebook stories and possibly other Facebook-owned apps as well, Instagram is what we are hinting here.

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As of writing this article, WhatsApp hasn’t made an official announcement.

Mark Zuckerberg earlier announced that he wants to merge all Facebook-owned apps together which essentially means, users will be able to share a lot of things from one app to another. To enable this centralized model of communication between all three platforms, it is heard that Facebook is working on improving the security of its apps by re-programming most of the code.

The new WhatsApp feature will allow you to share your status on to your Facebook story by simply tapping on the share button. The user will be prompted with multiple Facebook-owned apps they want their WhatsApp status to share with.

One of the benefits of these inter-connected apps is to facilitate the advertiser for better targeting.

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