WhatsApp Soon to Introduce Drafted Messages Indicator

The Meta-owned app with millions of worldwide users, WhatsApp, has released a new Windows native update once more.

WaBetaInfo says that the new update is called “message drafts,” and it would show drafted messages that are often ignored by accident.

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Some beta testers have access to the enhanced message draft support, which will be made available to additional users in the coming days.

Improved support for message drafts may be available in the most recent Windows update.

Whatsapp does not highlight the presence of messages in the chat bar and users sometimes forget that they have started messages within a conversation. This feature is available for a little amount of time.

whatsapp indicator

A draft indicator has been added in the most recent update, allowing users to see the details. A green label with the word “draft” will appear next to any draft messages in a chat.

This system will make it simple for users to identify chats that still have messages to send. Additionally, chats with drafts will be highlighted at the top of the list, bringing users’ attention to these messages.

With this new update, WhatsApp addressed the issue of missed pending messages. Users will be able to quickly see any pending drafts thanks to this feature.

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