Meta-owned WhatsApp introduces new features for enhanced user experience

Meta-owned WhatsApp introduces new features for enhanced user experience

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), is constantly working to improve its popular messaging platform. Meta has introduced new features to enhance the user experience. In accordance with this commitment, the company is introducing four brand-new features that are intended to improve and streamline the user experience. These updates, which are currently available to beta testers, will be gradually made available to a broader audience of users over the next few weeks.

Silencing Unknown Callers:

The capability to silence unidentified callers is one of WhatsApp’s most notable additions. Users gain greater control over the calls they receive, particularly those from unknown numbers, thanks to this feature. To empower this element, clients can explore the security choice in the settings and access the area of the call. By initiating this setting, clients can really restrict spam calls, accordingly upgrading their protection and security while utilizing the application.

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Group mentions within Community Announcement Groups:

WhatsApp now lets community administrators mention groups in the community announcement group in an effort to make community management easier. Administrators can use this feature to highlight particular groups when communicating with community members. This feature improves community communication and ensures that important information reaches the intended audience effectively, addressing a particular subgroup or drawing attention to a particular subject.

Community entry points:

Community Entry Points WhatsApp has added a new button to the community announcement group’s header to make it easier to get to community groups. This element permits clients to open local gatherings straightforwardly without the need to explore numerous menus. Furthermore, people group makers can make new gatherings rapidly by tapping the button and getting to the menu that shows up. The app’s active communities will grow as a result of this intuitive approach to community engagement.

Editing Messages:

One more astounding update on WhatsApp is that a few clients can alter instant messages in no less than 15 minutes of sending them.

Clients can alter messages a limitless number of times yet they can’t alter a message sent from an alternate gadget. These updates will be accessible to the people who introduce the most recent rendition of WhatsApp beta for iOS. Additionally, some of them are available for Android beta.

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