WhatsApp is going to let people delete the sent messages very soon

How many times we have sent a message to a wrong contact list on WhatsApp and feel the embarrassment because there is no way to delete such messages?.

Finally, WhatsApp is reported to be working on this most wanted feature which will let you delete your sent text messages. The future is called as “Recall“. This new feature will work on all type of messages including text, images videos, GIF’S and even status replies, only if they were sent within 5 minute window.

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Image Source: Wabetainfo.com

The 5 minute window means if you have accidentally sent an WhatsApp message, you can re-call it within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the message will stay and cannot be deleted.

This most wanted feature is spotted by WABetaInfo, a website that tests and reports latest WhatsApp versions and features. According to WABetaInfo and as you can see from the date shown in the image above, WhatsApp has been testing the feature silently and Recall is a hidden feature at the moment, disabled by default and will be enabled as soon as the developers think it is smooth to use and bug free.

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