WhatsApp Introduces Vacation Mode that allows you to ignore people

whatsapp audio status

WhatsApp has made some quick changes and introduced new features in the App in the last few weeks, WhatsApp Business App was rolled out to iOS worldwide. Now it is discovered by WABetaInfo that WhatsApp beta has surfaced a new feature called vacation mode which means you will not receive any message from any group as long as the mode is turned ‘ON’.

Leaving group is never a good option as when you leave the group it is broadcasted to every group member. Now, you can stay in the group but will never receive any further notification from that group. This new feature is another nice addition to the App especially after WhatsApp announced that no one will be able to add you in WhatsApp groups without your approval.

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Also, you can now archive the chats and they will have their own submenu for easier access. Now you don’t have to scroll unlimited chats to see an archived group.


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