WhatsApp introduces easy to send voice messages and Youtube video feature

Today, WhatsApp has introduced the two most desired features in the latest version 2.17.81. As an active WhatsApp user, you know how hard it is to send a lengthy voice message to your contact or in a group. You need to continuously hold the voice icon to record a message and some times after recording a long message, you find out the voice note was never recorded because of some issue.

WhatsApp has made it easy for everyone. If you want to record a voice message, WhatsApp has introduced new feature called Locked Recordings. All you need to do is, hold on the the mic icon and drag it upwards. The screen gets locked and you see a timer starting, recording your message. Once recorded, there are two buttons in the bottom, Cancel or Send.

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Easy, isn’t it?

The second big update is playing YouTube videos within WhatsApp. Now you can not only watch the video without leaving WhatsApp but also chat at the same time. This feature is not rolled out to all the accounts as yet.

I don’t have it yet. Do you?

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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