What is the right attitude of an entrepreneur for a startup?

The right attitude of an entrepreneur is to jump to any given possibility. Ir-respective they know a thing or two about it or not, never let any opportunity slip off your hands. Opportunities never strike on your door twice. One should be proactive in grabbing anything that comes their way.

As an entrepreneur, one needs to find a solution to the problems.

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Could be any segment of the economy. When you find a solution, you build a nice startup along the way. For example, Bill Gates as a tech entrepreneur was smart enough to realize the importance of computers for every household in the late ’70s. He programmed and developed “Windows”, a graphical interface to an operating system, something that was unheard of previously. Soon. he became rich by providing a solution to a problem.

Richard Branson says and I quote “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

This statement has huge learning for every budding entrepreneur. One should be open to embracing new challenges, grab new opportunities and then build expertise to find a solution, get the job done.

Also, in the era of the internet, one should use the power of social media. Facebook has a number of users higher than the number of cars on the roads and planes in the sky all over the world.

By using the power of Facebook and all Facebook-owned companies, any new startup can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of customers instantly.

Facebook page, Instagram and WhatsApp are three effective tools to reach out to your target audience and introduce your startup.

Also, the importance of a website can not be ignored.

A website must have a “call to action”. It should prompt people to get in touch with you for future updates. By getting email addresses of your website visitors, you can send them emails with their consent and keep updating them periodically about your startup new services/products.

To summarize the right attitute, you need;

  • Willingness to jump to every opportunity and find a solution.
  • Use social media for outreach.
  • Great website with a call to action.
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