What is Clubhouse and how to benefit from the app?

what is clubhouse?

As a business owner, you are always searching for different ways to promote your business. Clubhouse app is a trending voice-only social media tool right now. Initially rolled out as an invite-only for iOs users, the app is widely used for discussions, business marketing, and for reaching out to more potential acquaintances.

What Is Clubhouse?

Do you remember the era of Yahoo chat, there used to be rooms of different chats. Clubhouse is similar to that but the way of communication is voice-chat based.

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When you signup, different interests are shown to you and upon selection, the application shows you relevant rooms and topics you can join if the rooms are public. Currently, the iOS app only, it is easy to use and no money is currently involved. People can invite you to their rooms also. This is a perfect tool for marketers to connect with people interested in a particular topic or some particular product.

The audience of the Clubhouse is so diverse that all the influencers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, customers, users of the products, are all on the Clubhouse and it makes things easy to reach out to the people.

How can you use it for your affiliate program?

The Clubhouse was launched in March 2020. It’s a new platform and is still in the development stage. People are learning how to utilize this platform to talk about their business. People are using it to engage their silent contacts and reaching out to other Clubhouse users who are interested in the same topic.

The affiliate managers can invite other fellow affiliates with the condition to use their free invites to get connected with you also. By doing this, they can create a pool of top affiliates interconnected with each other. This can be a very useful tool to connect, engage, train, and educate your partners for the promotion of your product. And on top of all, it is a free user-friendly platform.

Affiliate managers must communicate effectively. The current affiliate system is based on emails and texts for communication. Clubhouse App is changing the trend. Tuning to 5-minute voice chat is much easier than scrolling millions of emails to find out what is trending in the market.

People are tired of doing Zoom meetings; this new platform can be an alternative to such meetings. You can listen to the voices of all the room users, restrict and enable them to voice their opinion in a meeting.

Hosting live Q&A Sessions.

With Clubhouse, you can connect with your affiliate partners in digital marketing events. Even you can connect with in-person affiliates through this amazing tool. This tool can be a game-changer.

Building relations with other affiliate partners is very important for affiliate marketing. It gives you ease as well as more human interaction. You can have a direct Q&A session with the new target audience.

The affiliate manager can moderate these sessions and make sure all the participants can raise their voices and participate. Existing members can share their success models and the success stories, share strategies to educate other members.

Connect with already engaged prospects.

Clubhouse can also be a great tool if you want to have a recruitment drive. Affiliates who are already members of your room can further be engaged through their Instagram or Twitter by giving a direct call to action. You can see the trend of your affiliates. You can follow their activities and can get insights about the communities and learn about the latest trends in the market.

Real-time training & learning

Clubhouse provides an opportunity to teach and train. You can educate already connected persons about the new products, terms and conditions, changes regarding the products and release of new programs.

You can discuss different topics of product development and other related topics. Telling the audience about sneak peeks to make them engaged during the sessions.


It is safe to establish that Clubhouse will be able to capitalize on the initial momentum it has built. So many instrumental icons including Elon Musk have already joined the group that has caused a spur in the hype, attracting more users to the platform. Will Clubhouse be able to compete with Facebook and Facebook-owned companies and become more popular remains to be seen in the near future. The stats however do orchestrate a way in paving a positive growth and fuel further popularity.

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