How To Make Money From Facebook?

Facebook allows content creators to make money from videos in 3 ways.

Do you want to make money from Facebook but have no idea how you can?

The good news is, Facebook now gives you 3 different ways to generate money from video content. All creators have now options to earn from their video content. The new Facebook monetization updates are focused to provide ease and give more space to video creators.

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Facebook’s video monetization new options include:

• You can earn from short-form videos.
• Easing and expanding eligibility criteria for video content creators.
• Easing the way to earn money from viewer contributions.

These updates are for the pages’ video content monetization that meets certain criteria for monetization. The criteria for eligibility have changed and updated. Let’s explore these updates.
Updates to Eligibility Requirements.

With these updates, more pages will be eligible to monetize their video content through ads.
There are separate requirements for different sets of videos like In-stream, Live, and Gaming.

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In-Stream Ad Eligibility for making money from Facebook

In-stream ads are the ads shown either before or during a video.

The eligibility criteria to get in-stream ads, Facebook Pages one should meet the following criteria:

• 600,000 minutes views from any combination of videos uploaded in the last 60 days. Videos could be regular uploads, live streams, and recordings of live streams.

Minimum 5 active videos uploads or maybe a recording of previously Live videos. All the videos must be published and not deleted. All the videos must comply with Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies to be eligible for making money.

1- Short Videos:

• In the past, Facebook used to consider videos having three minutes and more content time. After these new updates, the shorter video uploads can be monetized as well.
• The page must have at least 10,000 followers. Monetization is only for the pages. This is not for the personal profiles.
• Earn revenue from more Types of Videos.
• Content creators can now monetize their videos on their Pages that are less than one minute of duration. These videos can have the option to run a 30-second ad that Facebook says is “minimally interruptive.

2- Three Minutes Long Videos:

• The video content with more than 3 minutes duration can include full-screen mid-roll ads. This means ads can run during the video.
• These Mid-roll ads will be shown after 45 seconds of the video. Previously this time was 1 minute.

3- Live Stream Ads.

For the live streams ads, there is an addition of eligibility criteria. The page live videos must have 60,000 live minutes viewed in the last 60 days.

It must be noted that the watch time of the recorded live videos will not be considered in Live stream eligibility by Facebook.

Earn Money Directly From Viewers

The pages fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the live streams will also be able to earn money from the Stars.

Facebook Stars is a form of digital currency. Users can buy Stars from real money. If the users like the video of the content creator, they can give Stars to the content creator. This way a creator can make money from the monetization of the videos on the platform.

Currently, this option of getting a star is introduced in few countries. But Facebook is including 15 more countries to avail this opportunity of generating money through video content.

For the updates, content creators can check these updates through monetization programs in Creator Studio. They can also apply for these revenue-generating ventures of Facebook inside Creator Studio.

Facebook team will review all applications for monetization under new updates and is planning to gradually increase the number of Pages meeting the eligibility criteria.


Alongside the above-mentioned methods of making money through videos, if you scale up your Facebook presence, you can also make money on the platform in more ways.

With over 2.6 billion users, Facebook and its owned companies are one of the best, free and organic ways of increasing traffic to your business and making money.

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