WebVR officially brought to Chrome

Google is now setting the wheels in motion for bringing the WebVR content to Chrome. The availability of content will largely define WebVR’s success. Using VR on a mobile phone has always been a pretty deliberate decision. For experiencing VR within a handset, users have to navigate the internal menus and home screens along with launching applications.

For WebVR, Chrome had no mobile browser support previously. Because of which the browser couldn’t collect any data regarding the phone’s positions. With the availability of this data, Chrome gains the ability to offer rich experiences. Users will be able to navigate to a specific webpage and tap on a WebVR experience. They have the option of navigating it with a mouse on desktop or even with their finger on their phone. In order to get a more immersive experience, users can even toss their phone into a Daydream View.

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Although, Google rolled out support for the WebVR API to a beta of Chrome in December but now this update is going bigger. This is something that benefits content creators and companies a lot. It helps them to dive into the world of creating VR experiences. They no more have to rely on any native VR app for hosting the experiences. The update supports complete experiences with Daydream headset and controller and not just enables websites to host 360-degree videos for viewing.

The sources indicate that early partners for this update include SketchFab, Matterport, and PlayCanvas. For now, the update can only be experienced among users of Google’s Daydream headsets. Also, users viewing VR content on their smart phones or desktop without a headset can also have the experience. Google plans to include its own Cardboard platform for adding support for other headsets. It is pretty clear, that this update does not include the iPhone users.

Google always stays ahead in bringing interesting things to the masses. It makes efforts to introduce things that are even better than usual. This latest announcement by Google can help expand the scope of Virtual Reality in a huge way.

Via: Tech Crunch

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