Website Content Generation With AI: How To Use It Safely

In November 2022, ChatGPT launched and within two months, it had 100 million active users each month. AI-powered content is now a standard offering for companies. Nevertheless, despite its innovative nature, automated content creation is not without its drawbacks.

Benefits Of AI-Generated Content

The primary advantage of content generated by AI is its ability to generate copy more quickly than any human writer. This eliminates the need to hire a group of writers and editors and makes it much simpler to update your website with new content. In addition to saving money, this frees up team members to work on other business-related projects. When applied wisely, AI can also aid in content optimization for search engines.

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Risks Of AI Automated Content Creation

Though AI is an incredibly powerful technology, it’s vital to keep in mind that it still has its limitations. Here are a few typical hazards to be mindful of when using AI to create content.

Quality Control

Even though artificial intelligence is capable of producing text, human language’s intricacies can occasionally result in mistakes or strange wording. Writing content that primarily relies on facts or statistics requires you to double-check everything AI generates, as it is prone to errors.

Lack of Creativity

While AI may be able to produce vast quantities of content, it struggles to generate unique ideas. Writing original and captivating content necessitates creativity, which AI struggles with.

Ethical Considerations

Content creation carries a risk of inadvertently producing biased or misleading material. It’s crucial to consider the ethical ramifications of your actions and accept responsibility for any unforeseen consequences when using AI to create content.

How To Safely Use AI For Content Generation On Your Website

It’s critical to ensure that AI-generated content is of the highest caliber given these hazards. Here are some pointers to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Quality Over Quantity

Even though AI can produce vast amounts of content quickly, the emphasis should still be on the content’s quality rather than its quantity. To maintain high standards, review the content produced on a regular basis and make the necessary changes. Examining every piece of generated content is crucial. The automated procedure ought to serve as the foundation for human editing and fact-checking. Your company’s reputation may suffer if you release inaccurate information.

Test and Re-Test

Your output is only as good as your input. When using AI to generate content, it’s important to continually test and refine your prompts. This will help you fine-tune the output and make sure your content is accurate, relevant, and engaging. If you’re uncertain about how this works, run some tests to see what kind of output it generates. If necessary, adjust the prompt to produce better results. The results you get out of an AI writer are only as good as the commands you put in. If you find that the quality is low or not quite what you’re after, try tweaking the commands you’re inputting. To get better outcomes, try changing things like the tone of voice, reading level, your target audience, and the facts you want to include. For example, you could write a command like, “Write a blog about the history of art,” and you will most likely get a very vague answer. Instead, consider a more detailed prompt, like, “Write a blog about art movements between 1900 and 2000, aimed at a 6th-grade student, in an engaging tone of voice.” You’ll get a much more concise piece of content.

Integrate AI With Human Creativity

Use AI tools to handle repetitive tasks, as I mentioned earlier, but give humans some creative freedom. Include editing in the content creation process to add distinctiveness and originality where AI is lacking. When it comes to creating narratives, expressing emotion, and comprehending context, humans are still superior. In order to ensure that your content is both engaging and effectively conveys your message, it is best to use a hybrid approach that combines AI with human creativity.

Measure Your Results

Measuring your outcomes is crucial to determining the efficacy of your AI-generated content. To gauge how well your content is reaching readers, keep an eye on metrics like views, comments, and shares. After that, modify as necessary in light of what is and is not working. In order to improve your decision-making regarding your content moving forward, you can even use AI tools to monitor user engagement with content across various platforms.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Maintaining the most recent versions of your AI tools is essential for optimum security and performance. Additionally, it’s critical to routinely review your AI-generated content for mistakes, plagiarism, and other irregularities. You can usually identify persistent issues by bringing them up.


Your digital marketing strategy can be improved by using AI to create automated content creation that produces relevant, high-quality content at scale. To make sure that your subpar content doesn’t result in a search engine penalty, there are some traps to watch out for. Making the most of your AI-generated content while adding just enough human element to make it unique can be achieved by following the steps I’ve outlined here.

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