Are you worried about opening WhatsApp at work? This browser extension blurs chats, contacts, and typing indicators

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

Business collaboration isn’t exactly what WhatsApp is designed for – people typically use apps such as Slack instead. Nevertheless, the Meta-owned platform is popular in India, serving as a one-stop shop for all forms of communication, both personal and professional, which can sometimes interfere with the balance between work and personal life.

In an open office, people can outright peek into your system, which makes things even worse. Perhaps you are working in a cafe, trying to mind your own business. However, you are being bothered by an invasive member of your table.

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WA Web Plus Extension:

An extension for WhatsApp Web helps solve these problems by blurring out contact names, profile pictures, and/or messages. This extension, called WA Web Plus, extends the chat app’s features and enhances privacy. Here’s how you can use it.


According to WA Web Plus’s website, the extension is built for Chrome, however, it should also work on Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave since all of these browsers use the same engine (Chromium). We tested it on Edge and it worked as expected. However, browsers such as Firefox and Safari cannot be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

WA Web Plus: How to install it

  1. Search for WA Web Plus for WhatsApp in the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button.
  2. On the toolbar, you should see a new shortcut for the extension.
  3. To launch WhatsApp, click it once, and to access the extension’s menu, click it again.

The most useful features of WA Web Plus

Despite WA Web Plus’ long list of features, some of them are more useful than others:

1. Messages, contact photos, and conversation messages are blurred:

Once you have toggled these on, your colleagues will only see what you want them to see.

2. Set a lock screen password:

It’s crucial to make sure that no one else has access to your WhatsApp even when you’re away if you have a habit of keeping your computer open when you take a lunch break.

3. Create a custom wallpaper:

The desktop version of WhatsApp cannot create personalized chat backdrops as the mobile versions do. It is made available for the web version as well by WA Web Plus.

4. Enable chat folders:

Allow chat folders to make it easier to identify pertinent talks if you are drowning in them and there is no prospect of escape. These categories are Unread, Groups, Personal, and Enterprises.

5. Statistics:

The Statistics page provides you with an overview of how WhatsApp is set up, including the number of individual chats, group chats, and contacts you have.



These are only the top 5 characteristics, after all, and they hardly scratch the surface. A subscription is required for the extension’s business tools, which include Smart Auto Replies, CRM Integration, and many others.


We found the extension to be perfectly safe to use, but if something unexpected happens, you can always delete it by right-clicking the extension’s shortcut in your browser’s toolbar. Whatever changes you’ve made to WhatsApp will be undone immediately.

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