Volkswagen just rolled out its last beetle off the assembly line

Volkswagen has just officially rolled out its last beetle car off the assembly line. The car has been in production since 1938. By the year 1955, One-million Beetle had rolled off the assembly line in the town of Wolfsburg.

According to a CBS report, over 563,000 Beetles were once on U.S roads in 1968 making it their most popular car.

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Volkswagen manufactured Beetle as a pet-project of Adolph Hitler to survive the world wars and soon the car became a symbol of American culture.

The last range of Beetles that have cleared the assembly line will be sent to a museum after ceremonies at Volkswagen’s Mexico plant commemorate the end of the car, end of an era.

“Unlike in West Germany, where its low price, quality and durability stood for a new postwar normality, in the United States the Beetle’s characteristics lent it a profoundly unconventional air in a car culture dominated by size and showmanship,” wrote Bernhard Rieger in his 2013 history, “The People’s Car.”


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