Verizon data from 6 million users breached online

The recent data breach of Verizon affected millions of customer accounts. It happened due to the carelessness of the employee at Nice Systems who left the data open on an unsecured Amazon server. The employee placed the information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow an external access.

This incident exposed the names, addresses, and contact numbers of millions of Verizon customers online. In some of the cases, even the PIN numbers of the customers were exposed publically the Verizon vendor. According to the company, this issue was brought to Verizon’s attention was the researcher at UpGuard, Zednet reported.

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But Verizon has issued a statement confirming that there has been no loss or theft of information of the company or its customers. According to the Nice Systems statement, this human error is not linked to any of the products or production environments. Rather, it is a remote staging area with partial information available for a specific project.

But according to the chief marketing office of the VASCO Data Security, the risks cannot be minimized regarding the loss of information by assuming that no data has been downloaded. For investigation purposes, Public Knowledge which is a consumer rights group has called in the Federal Communications. This makes the telecommunication companies are responsible for protecting the rights of their subscribers.


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