Use these 3 handy tips for getting noticed during a job search

Finding the perfect job is not easy, you unknowingly prepare for it every day. You may be perfectly qualified for a job; you may have all the skills that are needed as well as the experience. But unfortunately, many other candidates applying for the job will be perfectly qualified too. It can happen that you have to compete with highly qualified people as compared to yourself. In this case, getting the job becomes more difficult.

Standing out for a job you really want to get requires you to separate yourself from the crowd. For that purpose following are some easy ways to get noticed during your job search.

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Don’t mention you are responding to an Ad:

You need to start your email by introducing yourself. You need to tell the company about your skills and qualifications. It is because the company is seeking a talented individual and they are not interested where you heard about the job. Skip everything that is irrelevant and it will help you get noticed easily. O\People who are in a position to hire you would like to know about you. If you are applying for a bigger position, keep in mind that they will be requiring a highly qualified candidate. So, it is your skill how you make them realize that they need you in your company.

Mention your references:

When looking out for candidates, companies usually trust their employee’s opinions over a stranger’s. So, if you know somebody in the company you are applying for, make sure to mention their name. If you are personally referred by someone, then write their name under your references. If you are submitting through an online submission form, then state your affiliation on the question “where did you hear about this job”. When you take the name of your references, it can be a great opportunity for you to stand out among the rest of the candidates.

Hand-deliver your resume:

For getting noticed, sometimes you have to manufacture reasons yourself. One trick is not to mail in a resume, instead, deliver it by hand. This might not be possible if a company you are applying for is far away. But if by chance, the company exists in a close by area then deliver your resume personally. Stopping by to deliver something provide you a chance to display your professional persona. It may take a few minutes but it will help you to show off your dedication and you will easily get noticed for it.

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