Use Bixby button to launch Google Assistant on S8

Samsung’s Bixby assistants no doubt a standout feature of Galaxy S8’s. Apart from scheduling and talking to its users, it helps to identify and items around people using the phone’s camera. For the virtual assistant, Samsung decided to build a dedicated physical button. This button has become a way for the owners to explore the Android’s assistant features.

Recently, a user has created a way to reprocess the Bixby button for using it to open up the Android’s built-in assistant feature. For this purpose, users need to move to a third-party application named All in one Gestures. This can be downloaded from the PlayStore.

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According to the software community XDA-Developer’s handy guide, users can easily understand the important steps that are involved in rerouting the physical button for opening Google Assistant instead of Samsung’s Bixby.

Once the app is installed, users will have to allow it to access for modifying the system’s settings. This means that the Bixby button can actually be swap out the Bixby button not only for Google Assistant but also for virtually to any other feature. The process involves opening up the app and navigating to the section of Hard keys. Then users need to enable All in one Gestures accessibility service in order to add a new custom button, tap on the custom keys and chose Bixby. Another menu box will be opened after this where users can select what Auction they want the button to perform. After selecting the Bixby assistant, their process is complete.

Via: The Next Web

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